About Direct Selling Europe

Direct Selling Europe (DSE) is the trade association for European Direct Selling, consisting of renowned direct selling companies and associations. DSE represents the interests of the sustainable, ethical and consumer-oriented direct selling industry in the EU.

DSE member companies and national direct selling associations together represent about half of the direct selling industry in the European Union in terms of turnover.

Besides the significant operations that the DSE members have established in Europe, they support European integration and economic growth by operating the majority of their production facilities in the European Union area.

Established under Belgian law, DSE maintains a permanent headquarters in Brussels, which is led by the Managing Director and operates under the supervision of the Board of Directors. Members are elected to the Board by the General Assembly according to the provisions of the Association’s Statutes.

DSE and its Members are transparent. DSE is registered in the EU Transparency Register with number 9435658947-27.

DSE is a member of EuroCommerce. 



Representing a national direct selling association in Europe or a direct selling company that is active in Europe?