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Your Partner for a Healthy Life Since 1901

Lux AB's roots go back to Sweden, where the foundation of the company was laid in 1901, then mainly producing kerosene lamps. The name of the company is therefore associated with the word Lux, i.e. “light” derived from the Latin word “Lux”. With the spread of electric lighting, the company was forced to look for a new area of business, a new product.  

The history of our brand's iconic product, our vacuum cleaner, also dates back to these early years. In 1912, the first electric vacuum cleaner called the Lux I was introduced. The merger with the Swedish Elektromekaniska AB in 1916 resulted in the creation of the well-known world brand, Electrolux. In 1919, Electrolux began selling the Lux I vacuum cleaner in Europe. The history of Lux and Electrolux went hand-in-hand until 1998. At this point of time, Electrolux sold the entire business to a private investor, who restructured it and sold off the business in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2005, Lux International AG entered a Joint Venture agreement with India-based Eureka Forbes Ltd. The purpose was to jointly explore more international markets in Asia, Europe and Africa. This cooperation was restructured in 2009 and led to a phased step-in by Eureka Forbes into the share capital of Lux International AG: In 2011, Eureka Forbes acquired a first part of 25%, and subsequently the remaining 75% in 2013.

The cooperation with our parent company is based on our common values, vision and mission. Eureka Forbes has also been committed to health, hygiene and safety since 1982. Eureka Forbes, similarly to Lux, has always been proud to not only make the lives of its customers easier and liveable with its products but to provide careers, professional training and a vision for many of its employees.


Looking back at the history of Lux, we find several iconic products in the portfolio, such as the Lux S115 vacuum cleaner or the Aeroguard series of the air cleaner product line. There are also the steam cleaner stars, EcoLux Neo and EcoProf. Furthermore, Lux has a proven experience in water purification for the private households, represented by the Waterguard product line and the new Waterguard THIN. Finally, Lux has brought to market the WELITY sleeping comfort product family. In the coming years, the Lux brand aims to continue expanding its product portfolio while carrying on this success story. 

Today, Lux International is one of the world's leading direct sales companies in the consumer goods sector, conducting direct sales activities in more than 30 countries. The expertise and reputation of Lux rest on its twelve decades of tradition and experience in selling “home appliances” as well as on its Swiss engineering expertise. The best Branch Managers, Sales Representatives and Recruiters are evaluated in the yearly prestigious Club of Excellence contest.


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