Mission and Objectives

Direct Selling Europe (DSE) distinguishes itself by exclusively representing companies and associations that have a irreproachable reputation and implement sustainable and ethical business practices towards both consumers and sales consultants alike.

DSE strictly distances itself from all illegal, criticised or unserious forms of direct selling.


Provide information to DSE members and European consumers

  • DSE keeps its members informed about any relevant legislative development at EU level and how it impacts on their businesses
  • DSE offers a platform for exchange of information and experience among its members, facilitating interaction on issues of importance to the industry
  • DSE is a reliable source of information to consumers and potential sellers interested in the sector

Promote DSE members' interests at EU level

  • DSE makes sure that its members' interests are taken into account by the EU decision makers
  • DSE cooperates closely with relevant stakeholders to improve awareness of the sustainable direct selling industry
  • DSE collaborates closely with the European institutions by helping improving the quality of EU legislation, reducing costs and uncertainties for businesses and ensuring a competitive environment for the direct selling industry
Representing a national direct selling association in Europe or a direct selling company that is active in Europe?