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Whether you represent a national direct selling association in Europe or a direct selling company that is active in Europe, you have a clear interest in joining Direct Selling Europe (DSE).


Benefits of Direct Selling Europe Membership

As a member of Direct Selling Europe:

  • your views are expressed and your interests represented to the European Institutions
  • you receive early warnings and detailed information on policy issues pertaining to your business
  • you receive high quality information and advice
  • you benefit from a platform of exchange among peers
  • you are part of the nucleus of the European direct selling industry respecting the highest standards and codes in the business.

What makes our members different?

Direct Selling Europe members differentiate themselves from other direct selling associations or companies as they:

  • practice sustainable direct selling with the highest regard for consumer rights
  • have long standing reputations in Europe dating back more than 80 years of activity in European markets
  • form part of the economic and industrial landscape in all EU Member States
  • contribute in significant ways to the EU overall economy with investments in production facilities and infrastructure in the EU 28 as well as employment and social contributions
  • pay the VAT due on the products sold
  • practice networking businesses where contacts are essential to create new contacts and generate more business

In addition, Direct Selling Europe members put high value on the protection of their sales staff. They offer:

  • true, honest and important income opportunities for all citizens
  • a nursery for entrepreneurs
  • opportunities for individuals to earn extra income without risk
  • training to sales staff
  • support to sales staff with marketing, sales support and after sales customer service.

How to join Direct Selling Europe?

If you wish to receive more information about Direct Selling Europe (DSE) membership benefits and conditions, please contact us.

Have a look at our Members to see which national direct selling associations and which renowned direct selling companies have already joined DSE.

Representing a national direct selling association in Europe or a direct selling company that is active in Europe?