Just International

JUST develops and produces unique, high-performance and long-lasting products for health, beauty and well-being. They convince by incomparable efficacy of plants and herbs which are perfected by science and research. Thanks to our decades-long plant expertise and competence in consultation directly from person to person we can offer highly effective products matching individual needs of our customers worldwide. 

The saying “What JUST brings is good” holds true since 90 years because quality is a tradition at JUST. Valuable raw materials in unique formulations become distinctive JUST products which are produced at the highest technical level at our own manufacturing facilities in Walzenhausen (CH). Over 150 original formulations are transformed here into millions of products of constantly high quality thanks to our technical experience and long-standing expertise in manufacturing processes. 


More than 100 000 consultants worldwide share their excitement and dedication for inimitable JUST products. They bring the natural well-being through the power of plants combined with the Swiss science to your home and provide competent consultation for any individual skin care need. The direct contact with customers does not only make JUST a trustworthy and approachable company but also a valued and fair employer worldwide.

Who is who?

Marcel Jüstrich

CEO and Owner of Just International

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