Vorwerk grows and invests in Europe: Emmanuel Macron appreciates commitment and positive role of direct sales

On invitation of the French President Emmanuel Macron, Dr. Thomas Stoffmehl, CSO and Speaker of the Management Board of the Vorwerk Group, participated in the so-called "Choose France Summit" at the Palace of Versailles on Monday, June 28, 2021. The business summit is already taking place for the fourth time and is intended to highlight France's economic attractiveness and promote foreign investment in the country. In this context, President Macron appreciated Vorwerk's strong presence in the French market and the company's plans for further development in the country. Dr. Thomas Stoffmehl announced further investments of around 40 million euros over three years, linked to the creation of up to 850 new jobs. "France is a strategic country for Vorwerk for two reasons: firstly, it is home to the largest production site where we have been manufacturing Thermomix® since its launch 50 years ago, and secondly, it is the second strongest sales market for Thermomix® after Germany. We create jobs through our sales network in France, and our people-based direct sales, with our advisors, proves its efficiency," explains Dr. Thomas Stoffmehl.

Vorwerk employs around 2,000 permanent staff in France. In addition, around 11,000 self-employed Thermomix® advisors work for Vorwerk in France.

To date, the Vorwerk Group has already invested 100 million euros in the modernization of its production sites in recent years. The main Thermomix production site for the European market is the Vorwerk plant in France. In addition, the family-owned company continues to produce Thermomix appliances at its home location in Wuppertal due to the successful development of sales figures.

In light of this, Vorwerk is further expanding its commitment in Europe. The Vorwerk Group has emerged stronger from the pandemic year 2020. The business model of personal direct sales proved to be extraordinarily powerful during the Corona crisis and brought the family-owned company a record year with the Thermomix business. Thanks to the further expansion of digital offerings to complement and support personal direct sales, Vorwerk achieved global sales of 1.6 billion euros with Thermomix, an increase of 25 percent compared to the previous year.

In the context of the summit meeting in Versailles, the French Prime Minister Jean Castex visited the Vorwerk production site in Cloyes-sur-le-Loir on the same day. He was welcomed by Dr. Thomas Rodemann, COO of the Vorwerk Management Board, and informed himself about the processes in the production facility. "Thanks to the worldwide enthusiasm for Thermomix®, the Vorwerk Group is an important player for the French industry," said Dr. Thomas Rodemann. "Vorwerk is proud to be able to contribute at a time when the government is committed to the reindustrialization of the regions."


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