LR continues to grow: market launch in South Korea in March 2021

LR Health & Beauty is expanding its international business and opening a strategically important market: South Korea. South Korea is considered a good starting point for further expansion across Asia. “We see huge potential in this direct sales oriented market. And we would like to tap this market in the next few years with our product portfolio in the field of beauty and health products. Our goal is to develop South Korea into one of our top markets,” says Andreas Friesch, CEO and spokesperson for the management. In order to meet this goal, LR will also rely on the country’s excellent digital infrastructure, which is a key success factor for the company. With the market launch in South Korea, the direct sales company will have conquered a total of 28 countries.

About LR Health & Beauty
Under the motto “More quality for your life“, the LR Group with headquarters in Ahlen/Westphalia produces and markets various health and beauty products in around 28 countries. The range includes care and decorative cosmetics, dietary supplements and perfumes. With its portfolio, LR Health & Beauty aims to enhance the physical health and wellbeing of people. That is why the company continuously develops new products – from the power of nature in combination with the latest scientific findings. The processing of Aloe vera has been one of the core competencies of LR Health & Beauty for more than 18 years. Only the valuable inside of the leaf is used for the products. In Ahlen, the company has established the most modern Aloe Vera production site for Aloe Vera Drinking Gels in Europe. In the fragrance segment, LR cooperates with national and international stars such as Guido Maria Kretschmer, Bruce Willis, Emma Heming-Willis and Cristina Ferreira. With 1,200 employees as well as thousands of registered sales partners and customers, LR is one of Europe’s leading direct sales enterprises. LR also established the LR Global Kids Fund e.V. which provides efficient and unbureaucratic support for deprived children and their families in many different countries around the world in cooperation with local institutions.

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