DSE presents before the European Economic and Social Committee

On 19 June, DSE was invited to the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) to present its position on the New Deal for Consumers. 

Mr. Arias underlined 5 key issues that DSE has with the proposal in regard to the draft new article 3.5 of the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive. Arias stated that DSE was against such a provision, since there is no justification presented in the EU impact assessment and no real added value for consumers. Additionally, the proposal undermines the consolidation of the EU Internal Market, stigmatizes a legal and legitimate secgtor, and will have negative socio-economic consequences for legal and legitimate direct sellers and their families.

Mr. Arias presented some alternatives to the Commission provision that would take into consideration the interests of both consumers and business. The options included better enforcement of existing legislation, better ensuring that fines and penalties are duly enforced, together with comprehensive communication campaigns to better empower consumers.

Furthermore, Arias expressed DSE support to the Commission proposal to amend the right of withdrawal.

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