DSE holds its annual General Assembly

DSE held its annual General Assembly on the 23rd of May, kindly hosted by Vorwerk at the Villa Mittelsten Scheid, Wuppertal. The General Assembly counted with the participation of the following members:

  1. AMC International: Mr. Dirk REZNIK
  2. BDD: Mr. Jochen CLAUSNITZER
  3. bofrost*: Mrs. Andrea MERKENS
  4. Déesse: Mr. Oliver WEIDMANN
  5. Just International: Mr. Marcel JÜSTRICH
  6. LR Health & Beauty: Mr. Andreas GROOTZ and Mrs. Almut KELLERMEYER
  7. SVDF: Dr. Hans Georg HINDERLING
  9. Victoria: Mrs. Karen PLESSERS
  10. Vorwerk: Dr. Thomas STOFFMEHL, Mr. Michael WEBER, Pierre CHALANÇON

During the General Assembly, Members exchanged about the situation of the industry and presented forecasts for 2023, adopted the financial performance for 2022, Q2 2023, and the annual budget for 2024, by unanimous vote.

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