bofrost* joins Direct Selling Europe as of 2018

bofrost* has joined Direct Selling Europe (DSE) with effect as of January 2018. DSE and its Members are pleased to welcome bofrost* and look forward to working together to further enhancing the strong voice of the European sustainable Direct Selling Industry.

For 50 years, bofrost* has been about top quality, outstanding service and, above all, reliable and individual advice. The family business was founded in Germany in 1966. Today it has 243 subsidiaries in 13 European countries and is the market leader in the direct sale of ice cream and frozen food specialities. More than four million customers appreciate regular deliveries of fresh, high-quality products in a continuous cooling chain and a close relationship based on trust with their drivers.

Sustainability, the responsible use of natural resources and social commitment are important elements of our corporate philosophy. In the past years, the customers and staff of bofrost* have helped people in need through various projects. For more information about bofrost*, its products and services, please visit

DSE is the federation of European national trade associations and Europe-wide operating, well reputed and sustainable direct selling companies. The Members of DSE represent about 50% of the direct selling industry in the EU in terms of revenue. DSE Members distribute top quality and high visibility products which are in strong demand with consumers. They abide by the highest ethical standards and have pioneered fair practices (see DSE website for details) in direct selling (off-premises selling). They produce and sell predominantly in Europe.

DSE Members include companies as Avon, Vorwerk, Tupperware, bofrost*, Déesse, Victoria-Benelux, Enagic, AMC, Jafra, WIV Wein International AG, Just, nutrimetics and the national direct selling Associations from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

For further information please contact: Oscar Arias, Managing Director, Direct Selling Europe (DSE).

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