AMC wins Gold at the prestigious "Kitchen Innovation Award 2021"

AMC, market leader in the field of high-quality stainless steel cooking systems, has received the Kitchen Innovation Award 2021 for its premium system in the functionality, innovation, product benefit, design and material quality criteria, as well as the Golden Award – Best of the Best in the small electrical appliances category.

The Kitchen Innovation Award is presented once a year for outstanding products from the kitchen and cooking equipment sectors, with both consumers and a jury of experts involved in the winner selection process.

“We are proud to be recognized for our innovative products, as we strive to change the face of smart cooking by providing our customers with a joyful and effortless experience that puts reliability and optimal results at its heart. For AMC, product quality and constant commitment to research and development are key to achieving excellence in the kitchen”, said Christoph Ernst, CEO of AMC.

An authentic promoter of a sustainable lifestyle based on healthy cooking and tasty eating: ‘Eat Better. Live Better’, AMC relies on its global network of skilful Consultants to sell its unique cooking systems directly to the customers.

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