JAFRA was founded in 1956 by Jan and Frank Day in Malibu. That's where the name Ja-Fra comes from. Jan and Frank had two key principles: to manufacture the best products and to offer those with an interest the opportunity to earn a living and to feel at ease with what they were doing. In other words, a company with its heart in the right place.

The motto 'Freedom to be you’ has been imbued with life by many thousands of consultants around the world. JAFRA makes it possible to realise an attractive additional source of income over which you have control, and thus offers the possibility of extra personal freedom.



JAFRA stands for high-quality cosmetics with active ingredients rather than fillers. Face and body care products, scents, decorative cosmetics and SPA products are sold through recommendations tailored to the individual. 

JAFRA products are made from high-quality raw materials in our own facility, using modern technologies. 

JAFRA has been a part of the Vorwerk family since 2004. Vorwerk is a family business with a fine tradition and vision, and represents continuity, transformation and proximity to people.

There are JAFRA representatives throughout central Europe: in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium, and via distributors in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

Who is who?

Alexander Wiedemann

General Manager Central Europe

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